KrapfenABAR is able to offer the best solution to all your needs of frying on an industrial scale for the food industry, industrial kitchens, and of uses such as food , pastry

patatine frittefor the production of batter , peanut and pellets ; we also design and build plants boiling dips or irrigation of boiling water.

patatine snack

For decades in the field of the aromatization peanut, pellets and snacks in general, in recent years, thanks to the collaboration with our customers. We specialize in developing spruzzatua-spray systems (eg oil and fragrances) and dosage of salt-aromas. Aromattiziamo chips, cereal cakes, snacks, peanuts, pellets, and any other food product.


gallette di risoOur products are present all over the world. 
We build lines frying, boiling and automatic lines flavoring for many different products, from the best known common food products around the world with local specialties.

frittelleWe can provide the solution for every need frying, boiling and flavoring for many different products. We operate in all sectors of the food industry, from food products, confectionery and bakery products. We create lines for battered products and lines for the production of pellets snacks (snacks 3d potato, corn or cheese) and peanuts.


We also have a wide range of accessories ; tapes specific transporters for the food industry in any measure, metering for donuts (donut) and pancakes, calibrators, in pockets tapes, vending farcitori for pancakes and donuts, oil filters paper, salatori drums and much more.