ABAR works in food processing field , it is able to offer the best solution to your every frying or boiling need on an industrial scale for the food industry, industrial kitchens, food processing equipment, and intended uses such as

gastronomy industries, pastry making, for the production of battered food, peanuts and pellets snack, we also design and build food processing equipment for boiling

in immersion way or with water boiling irrigation. Our products are selled all over the world. We build frying and boiling automatic lines for many different products, from the most famous food spreaded

all over the world like french fries, donuts, peanuts, pellets snack or several local specialties. We can provide the solution for all your needs frying, frying automatic lines for different products.

We operate in all sectors of the food industry, from food products, confectionery and bakery products, create product lines and pastel lines for the production of pellets snacks (snacks 3d potatoes, corn or cheese) and peanut.

We also have a wide range of accessories, specific conveyor belts to the food industry in any size, dosing donuts (donuts) and pancakes, calbrators, conveyor belts with pockets, automatic pancakes and donuts filler, oil filter paper, drum for salting and much more.